Valuation Advisory Services

Avere’s valuation experts use an integrated approach to provide our clients with independent and objective consultative valuation opinions. 

Our business valuation services, including intangible asset and financial instrument valuations for a variety of transactions, financial reporting, compliance, and tax purposes. Our conversations with the client begin at different stages of the business lifecycle, whether due to a recent acquisition, annual financial reporting, and development of an estate plan, plotting an exit strategy, or enhancing financial planning goals. 

Our team of valuation professionals delivers the reports on time with defensible, solid valuation models designed to withstand intense scrutiny and to comply with all relevant reporting standards. Our dedicated senior management will also be available to provide valuable insights and perspectives into the assessment and help you get behind the numbers and make better business decisions. 

We work with startups, middle-market companies and entrepreneurs to understand their company’s value in the dynamic market conditions:  

  • Value of the business, including tangible, intangible and future earnings 
  • Value equity/shares 
  • Negotiations on the value of the company backed by our valuation report 
  • Greater in-depth understanding of operations of the business 
  • Listing out areas of improvement in Control, Risk management and Governance 
  • Advice on best finance mix which will maximize the shareholders’ wealth, 

Valuation assessment is a formal process to determine the value of a business or the value of underlying assets, liabilities, or components of equity at any given point in time. However, business valuations are more than number crunching and it has to be substantiated with underlying facts.    


Avere’s valuation team has experience in understanding the dynamic industry conditions, market trends, the regulatory environment, and other non-financial considerations that may impact value of the company/asset. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution by working closely with our client’s legal, financial, and accounting advisors. Whatever our client’s purpose, our knowledge, quality, and integrity add what’s necessary to complete a transaction. 

Business Valuation Service Team works to: 

  • Ensure accurate reporting 
  • Enhance decision-making and planning 
  • Preserve the business value 

Our team of experts serves as a trusted advisor, with the expertise and resources to provide a credible valuation of a business enterprise or its underlying assets. 

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